Social Media Marketing

SMM (Social Media Marketing) is the promotion of goods and services on social networks that are perceived by marketing as social media.

Social media marketing is a dialogue tool between a social group and a company's marketing subject. SMM is a direct work in communities that cover a target group of users. Social media platforms are a modern tool for interacting with the target audience. Today, the audience of social networks is comparable to the audience of television channels, only it is more attentive and active.

Social media marketing is located at the crossroads of journalism, sociology, advertising, trade marketing, public relations. SMM has more to do with PR than with advertising. Consumer attention can be obtained and purchased through advertising. Trust in the target audience cannot be bought, it can only be earned. Social marketing has more from journalism than from "blogging or posting." These are tools for direct and open or hidden interaction with the target audience, and not “dumping” on the audience what is interesting and important to the company or the post writer.

Tasks that can be solved using SMM:

● PR
● branding, brand promotion;
● mass non-personal advertising with elements of social significance, in order to ensure advertising coverage;
● trade marketing - conducting incentive events among the social community;
● social and online support for offline marketing events;
● social support for online marketing events;
● group dialogue with a group of active consumers of adherents of the company's marketing subject;
● social dialogue with an audience interested in solving problems and discussing tasks, problems and prospects close to the subject of the subject of marketing;
● social promotion - popularization of the social significance of the subject of marketing of the company and the company itself;
● cross-promotion with non-competitive companies and brands, within the framework of a common social target group for them;
● verification of the views and aspirations of the social community with the plans and strategy of the brand and company;
● increase in traffic to the company's online resources.

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