E-commerce refers to a list of commercial transactions carried out on the Internet. Every year, this type of commercial relationship occupies an increasing market share, constantly increasing the volume of goods sold, as well as connecting new areas and areas of activity. By e-commerce, you can mean booking and fulfilling orders, transactions through banking services or electronic money systems.

Why choose e-commerce
Business is actively going online for many reasons. First of all, entrepreneurs understand that such a direction of commerce gives a wide reach to the audience and, therefore, potential buyers. A significant number of people use the home and mobile Internet, which means that it becomes easier to convey their offer to them. In addition, it allows you to reach different segments of the audience. E-commerce also requires less advertising and promotion costs. Finally, the ability to interact with the banks via the Internet has also simplified the workflow function.

Online Commerce Categories
There are several basic systems by which commercial activities are carried out on the Internet. They are classified by type of entities involved on both sides.

B2B. Business to business. A form of relationship in which the parties to transactions are commercial enterprises and organizations. In terms of funds in circulation, B2B is the largest category of e-commerce.

B2C. Business to consumers. Initially, e-commerce was based on the provision of services to the end consumer, therefore this form has long been the largest in terms of turnover. A simple example of a B2C system is an online store in which a customer can select a product they like and pay for it using online payment options.

C2C. Consumer to consumers. This form implies commercial relations between individuals. Through specially organized platforms, individuals offer goods and services without the use of intermediaries.

B2G. Business to government. A fairly young, but rapidly developing form of commercial relations. It includes various tenders or public procurement services.

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